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Noun1.basic assumption - an assumption that is basic to an argument
supposal, supposition, assumption - a hypothesis that is taken for granted; "any society is built upon certain assumptions"
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The basic assumption for all is that pensions will grow but only within the framework of the legal maximum.
Politician Vasil Kostojcinovski in Sloboden Pecat writes that in societies where there is tension and conflict of interests in inter-ethnic relations, acceptance and respect for the values of the other, is the basic assumption for resolving inter-ethnic conflicts.
Her basic assumption is that we cannot talk about the nature and meaning of this extraordinary event unless we understand what the followers of Jesus meant when they declared him raised from the dead.
After outlining the basic assumption (paradigm shift) of the study in the introductory section, the author divides the rest of the book into seven chapters in exploring the issues.
Now, however, a brain imaging study challenges this basic assumption.
Asked whether the autopilot would have to be manually switched on, or whether it could have been activated automatically under a default setting, Dolan replied: "The basic assumption would be that if the autopilot is operational it's because it's been switched on.
From here the suspect has every right to file an appeal on the basic assumption that they are innocent until proven guilty.
Until recent years the basic assumption was that power plants and the refineries would not be damaged during a war," adding "However, the rise in the numbers of missiles in enemy arsenals capable of precision strikes has led to a reevaluation of this assumption, and the conclusion is that these installations will not function.
The basic assumption is that central state authority in the Indonesian borderlands has never been absolute, but waxes and wanes, and state rules and laws are always up for local interpretation and negotiation.
Mr Cameron kick-started the initiative with the announcement that community projects in four parts of the country are to be given help, saying: "For years, there was the basic assumption at the heart of Government that the way to improve things in our society was to micro-manage from the centre, from Westminster.
Epstein's in-depth exploration of the phenomenon we call adolescence challenges many of the assumptions we hold about young people in society, including the basic assumption that the period known as adolescence is somehow inevitably difficult.
The following basic assumption therefore informs Air Force organizational culture: The Air Force exists because of technology, and its ongoing superiority is sustained by the ascendance of its technology.

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