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Plural of basidium.


(bəˈsɪd i əm)

n., pl. -sid•i•a (-ˈsɪd i ə)
a special form of sporophore, characteristic of basidiomycetous fungi, on which the sexual spores are borne at the tips of slender projections.
[1855–60; bas (is) + -idium]
ba•sid′i•al, adj.
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At least 20 basidiospores, basidia and cheilocystidia were measured from each basidiome.
The basidia were cylindrical 42 x 4 [micro]m in size with 3 transverse septa.
are also comparable, since they also exhibit a smooth pileus, partial veil producing a membranous annulus or a fibrillose annular zone, two or four spored basidia, as well similar pleuro- and cheilocystidia (Noordeloos, 2011).
Taxonomy and phylogeny of yellow Clavaria species with clamped basidia - Flavostellifera sp.
Also, the similar microscopic features, notably spore and basidia shape and size, adds weight to the conclusion that the two species may be part of a complex (Table 1).
Basidia (13-)(15-)(20-)22-29 x (4-) (5-) 6-7 [micro]m, 4-spored, clavate or subvesiculose-subcylindric, with a middle constriction, hyaline.
Bandoni (1984) proposed an alternative classification of Tremellales and Auriculariales based on the characteristics of the basidia, the haploid stage of mycelia and the septal pore apparatus; however theses characteristics have not been used to differentiate species.
No caso da familia Tilletiaceae, a basidia e asseptada, e os basidiosporos sao formados em tufos, situados na extremidade da basidia.
Germination with phragrnobasidia developing basidiospores; three-celled apical parts of the basidia often separate from the rest of the basidium.
large brown sterile cells) abundant among the basidia, sharp pointed, thick-walled, 20-30 X 5-6 [micro]m.