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Any of the four haploid spores borne on the basidium of a basidiomycete. Each spore develops into a mycelium that fuses with another to form a dikaryotic mycelium that typically constitutes the macroscopic stage of the life cycle.

ba·sid′i·o·spo′rous adj.


(Plants) one of the spores, usually four in number, produced in a basidium
baˌsidioˈsporous adj


(bəˈsɪd i oʊˌspɔr, -ˌspoʊr)

a spore borne by a basidium.
ba•sid`i•os′por•ous (-ˈɒs pər əs, -əˈspɔr əs, -ˈspoʊr-) adj.
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Noun1.basidiospore - a sexually produced fungal spore borne on a basidium
spore - a small usually single-celled asexual reproductive body produced by many nonflowering plants and fungi and some bacteria and protozoans and that are capable of developing into a new individual without sexual fusion; "a sexual spore is formed after the fusion of gametes"
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sepiarium) formed relatively small genets which are indicative for basidiospore infection and showed limited subsequent vegetative spread.
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Basidiospores, 98%; Cladosporium, 97%; Ascospores, 92%) were detected most frequently indoor and reflected what was detected outdoors and molds associated with severe water damage (e.