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A blood sample obtained from the right basilic vein revealed severe anemia (PCV 9%) and hyperglycemia (glucose, 495 mg/dL; reference range, 200-350 mg/dL).
A 22-gauge intravenous catheter was placed in the right basilic vein for fluid support.
Blood was collected from the basilic vein for a complete blood cell count (CBC) and plasma biochemical analysis.
Approximately 1 month earlier, a stent was placed in her right basilic vein after an angiogram revealed a >80% diameter stenosis that was compromising her graft.
Veins left to work with are small and not a phlebotomist's first choice: the basilic vein or hand veins.
2005) examined conversion of catheter-dependent patients to vascular access and reported that the basilic vein in the upper arm was commonly patent, even in patients with multiple failed vascular accesses.
Every patient has only four superficial upper extremity veins, the cephalic and the basilic vein in each arm.
During the course of hospitalization, he also developed mild steroid induced gastritis, suspected ventilator associated pneumonia (treated empirically with linezolid and piperacillin/tazobactam for 7 days), worsening elevation of liver enzymes secondary to propofol use, and right basilic vein thrombosis owing to presence of intervenous lines.