basketball season

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: season - the season when basketball is playedbasketball season - the season when basketball is played
season - a period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field; "he celebrated his 10th season with the ballet company"; "she always looked forward to the avocado season"
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2013-14 Men s Basketball Season Public Reserve Ticket Sheets, Club Season Ticket Sheets, Student Ticket Sheets, Suite Books, Loge Books, and Tiger Row Books.
The Early Bird Tournament is intended as a warm-up experience for the youth travel basketball season -- please no AAU teams.
After missing his junior basketball season at South Kent due to a hip injury, Stauskas hit the backyard to hone his shooting skills.
October: 2nd, Boys' football season and girls' basketball season begin; 12th, 3-kilometre run Bahrain School/French School hosts; 18th, Girls' badminton; 19th, Boys' badminton; 25th, Girls' table tennis; 26th, Boys' table tennis; 29th, Marathon relay.
The players maintained their habitual sleep-wake schedule for a baseline period of two to four weeks during the NCAA basketball season, sleeping for an average of less than seven hours per night.
The official basketball season, the first in which the new ball will be used, began this week.
CORVALLIS - Oregon State opens its women's basketball season tonight with an exhibition game against Team Concept at 7 p.
As for basketball season, it's now less than three months away.
A I'M afraid you won't be able to watch home team Orlando Magic in action as the NBA basketball season runs from Oct-April.
Conroy reprises every game of the 1966-67 basketball season when he played point guard for the Citadel Bulldogs, in this story of almost fanatic fervor for the game set against the mix of emotions and experiences that shaped him.
JUST WHEN WE WERE beginning to believe that it was possible to live through a basketball season without an eruption from Mount Knight, we learned that ESPN was releasing a film based on A Season on the Brink -- John Feinstein's blow-by-blow account of the 1985-86 season at Indiana University.