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(bɑsˈmɑ ti)
a variety of cultivated long-grain rice that is notably fragrant.
[1845–50; < Hindi: literally, fragrant]
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Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan Chairman Chaudhry Samee Ullah said that Pakistan can target India's basmati rice share in the EU market, following the stringent policies placed by the European Union on the presence of hazardous pesticides in the commodity.
Despite a commendable performance during this fiscal year, one area of concern in rice exports is our inability to boost basmati shipments
KARACHI -- After a ban imposed by the European Union (EU) on the import of Indian basmati rice, there is a great opportunity for the Pakistani basmati exporters to capture the rice market in the European countries.
During the period under review, basmati rice exports fell 3 percent, while non basmati rice exports declined sharply by 17 percent.
Currently, the harvest of rice paddy is at its peak in various parts of the Punjab, and the dealers have reduced the basmati paddy price from Rs 1,500/40-kg to 1,350/40-kg.
LAHORE -- Pakistan can make inroads at the European Union and boost the exports of basmati rice where the content of pesticides found higher compared to the new rulings effective from January 1, 2018.
Curry lovers are in for a boost as the cost of Indian basmati rice is set to plunge.
Description : This technical assistance (TA) is the outcome of wide-ranging stakeholder consultation with the Government of Pakistan and Punjab government agencies, public and private agriculture research institutions, basmati rice farmers, traders, exporters, private associations, and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).
Summary: Lakshmi Manchu, daughter of veteran Telugu actor Mohan Babu, to appear in Basmati Blues
The objective of the research is to understand the factors affecting the acreage basmati rice supply response in Pakistan covering the period from 1975-76 to 2012-13.
Basmati rice exportor enters Guinness World Records at Gulfood 2016 with the world's heaviest bag of rice.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 18, 2015-Amira's organic certified branded basmati rice products to be available in Whole Foods' stores throughout Florida