basset horn

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bas·set horn

A tenor clarinet, pitched in F, having a wider bell and greater range than a standard clarinet.

[Partial translation of German Bassetthorn : Bassett, type of low-pitched string instrument (ultimately from Italian basso, low; see basso) + Horn, horn (from the resemblance of early crescent-shaped models to hunting horns).]

basset horn

(Instruments) an obsolete woodwind instrument of the clarinet family
[C19: probably from German Bassetthorn, from Italian bassetto, diminutive of basso + horn]
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Noun1.basset horn - a tenor clarinetbasset horn - a tenor clarinet; pitched in the key of F below the B-flat clarinet
clarinet - a single-reed instrument with a straight tube
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The Lotz Trio play on replicas of the basset horns made by Theodor Lotz in the 1790s (the originals are kept in the castle of Krasna Horka) and it must be said that they show a brilliant mastery of their instruments.
Also featuring quite prominently is a pair of basset horns, a cross between a clarinet and a bass clarinet, an extraordinary instrument which I have never written for before.