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A plural of basso.
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Daljinder Bassi ran a "drugs wholesale" business from his home in Stafford Road, a court heard.
Father-of-three Saranjeet Bassi, 29, reached between the gap in the seats in front of him to squeeze the woman - who had her two young children with her - during the flight from Qatar to Heathrow.
Sevcon chief executive officer Matt Boyle said: "We reported strong revenue growth in the second fiscal quarter due to the acquisition of Bassi, which more than offset slower sales of our traditional controllers and capacitors.
The venture brings together two of the city's bestknown property professionals, REC chief executive Paul Bassi and Court founder Anthony McCourt - both of whom were named recently in the Post's Power 250 list of the city's most influential people.
Bassi was then sentenced in September 2014 to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole and fined P2 million.
Bassi on Friday said, even as there is indication that around a dozen witnesses may be asked to undergo the examination.
Phillips had burst into a newsagent in Stafford, masked and hooded, and pointed the shotgun at 35-year-old shopkeeper Ranvir Bassi while her petrified sevenyear-old daughter clung to her skirt.
New Delhi, July 21 ( ANI ): Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi on Monday said his force is sensitive towards people hailing from the north-east, and added that his officers are probing the death of a Manipuri youth keeping these feelings in mind.
CONTACT LENS giant CooperVision has named its European Student of the Year as Umberto Bassi (pictured) from the Universita degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca in Italy.
Bassi went over to her parents' house, noticed two patrol cars and helped officers bring in the package, which was from her sister.
After spending his working life as dermatologist, Roberto Bassi (born in 1931) wrote a memoir, Scaramucce sur Lago Ladoga, which was published in Italian in 2003 and which also exists in an unpublished English translation entitled Skirmishes on Lake Ladoga.