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Noun1.bastardisation - an act that debases or corrupts
degradation, debasement - changing to a lower state (a less respected state)
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Believe it or not, despite the unitary bastardisation of our Republican constitution, it still allots that kind of power to the states.
Then, if you will pardon the term as we have a multi-cultural international readership, there is the complete and total bastardisation of the word 'microfilm', where it is used to describe a short movie.
To be more precise, the bastardisation of DISY policy began in autumn 1992, while Clerides was still the leader.
Khalil Farah, a poet of profound gift, feminised the notion of freedom from colonial hegemony in his timeless Azza, a classic of early Sudanese nationalism turned blunt by repetition and bastardisation.
We might well find a similar dualism in complexity economics, where it is only ever absorbed into the economic mainstream via its bastardisation.
The city's Balti Association reckons a definitive and protected Birmingham Balti is needed to uphold this traditional cooking method and prevent the bastardisation and simplification of the technique.
In relation to inappropriate psychiatric over-diagnosis, Kawa and Giordano [19] state: 'While such categorisations may arise from, and be directed toward, benevolent intentions, caution is required to ensure against sociopolitical usurpation of these diagnoses, and repetition of historical instances of bastardisation of medicine by capricious agenda'.
The 23rd game is a crass, nakedly commercial bastardisation of the timehonoured logic of playing every other team home and away.
The problem here is a pure bastardisation of the cause.
While this may sound like a loose bastardisation of the ancient Chinese curse, it's also the perfect description of the world of mobile technology.
If you taste chicken tikka masala, sold by some supermarkets and downmarket restaurants, it becomes obvious how far the bastardisation has gone.