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Adj.1.bastardised - deriving from more than one source or style
beaux arts, fine arts - the study and creation of visual works of art
impure - combined with extraneous elements
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It would seem that the very word Socialist has become bastardised amongst many in the party, who seem only too willing to follow a consenus set by the Tory press.
But this is Ireland, where an expression of "regret" is real currency - a bit like a bastardised version of Monopoly, you get out of jail free, pass Go and collect [euro]27million.
Arabs feel as if an important cultural recipe has been stolen and bastardised, and insist on falafel's romantic Arab 'roots'.
On the quaint streets of this neighbourhood, you are unlikely to find kitsch souvenir shops, bastardised baguette-sandwich stalls or currency bureaux.
Especially when the next two years are a barren wasteland for international football with UEFA having bastardised the Euros to such an extent that even fictional joker Mike Bassett could manage England to the finals.
The action is preceded with a bastardised version of the Shipping Forecast which is, in its own words, "variable" and with "flashes of silliness".
The city council has adopted its own take on Pol Pot's Year Zero - in which cultural legacies were bastardised and obliterated - in its policy on public art.
Cancer Bats continued the sonic carnage in CF10 with their scathing, bastardised boogie.
And logically, if the cheese was to be registered as PDO, it should have been with the traditional recipe, and not some bastardised recipe that suited dairy product manufacturers and the cattle-farmers.
He said: "There is no demand for bastardised Indian food with the desperate addition of ingredients that offend the taste buds and fail to contribute to an authentic eating experience.
But in Aadhe Adhure, the language is not bastardised and the dialogues are written in a contemporary manner.