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also bat·teau (bă-tō′)
n. pl. ba·teaux also bat·teaux (-tōz′)
1. Canada & New England A long, light, flatbottom boat with a sharply pointed bow and stern.
2. South Atlantic & Gulf States A small, light, flatbottom rowboat.

[Canadian and Louisiana French, from French, boat, from Old French batel, from Old English bāt; see bheid- in Indo-European roots.]


(bæˈtəʊ; French bato)
n, pl -teaux (-təʊz; French -to)
(Nautical Terms) a light flat-bottomed boat used on rivers in Canada and the northern US
[C18: from French: boat, from Old French batel, from Old English bāt; see boat]



n., pl. -teaux (-ˈtoʊz)
a small flat-bottomed rowboat used on rivers.
[1705–15, Amer.; < French; Old French batel <bat, boat]
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Des bateaux en rade, qui attendent leur tour pour decharger, par une entreprise plus que surchargee d'employes, avec ce que cela coute pour les navire en frais.
Contract notice: Project management for the restructuring of the University restaurant of the Port Bateaux.
En effet, la pollution des plages avoisinant est directement enclenchee par les rejets des dechets hydrocarbures des bateaux hauturiers.
Les deux bateaux assurant la croisiere Alger-Jijel, [beaucoup moins que] Badji Mokhtar [beaucoup plus grand que] et [beaucoup moins que] Serraidi [beaucoup plus grand que], en l'occurrence sont de type [beaucoup moins que] NGV [beaucoup plus grand que] avec a leur bord un equipage 100% algerien.
The signature Yoku Moku offerings include the CIgare, a vanilla flavoured, butter-rich rolled cookie, and Bateaux biscuits which offer a crunch with a sprinkle of rich nuts.
And, when we study Kane's watercolour field sketch that was the basis for the oil painting, we see that he indeed shows the Columbia River-style bateaux with raked bows and sterns.
Pour sa part, le porte-parole de l'Organisme du Canal de Suez, Tareq Hassanein, a fait savoir que le Canal avait connu le passage hier de 36 bateaux d'un total de poids de 4,3 millions de tonnes, ce qui constituait un record dans le nombre des bateaux de passage dans le Canal.
Jebel Ali International Hotels, owner/operator of Palm Tree Court & Spa, Jebel Ali Hotel, Oasis Beach Tower, Hatta Fort Hotel and Bateaux Dubai, UAE, will promote its exciting summer special offers at the upcoming Arabian Travel Market (ATM).
Subsequent archaeological and historic research revealed the find to be the remains of several British and provincial warships from the French and Indian War, part of a fleet of 900 bateaux (French for "boats") the British used in the war against the French for domination of North America.
Bateaux London has recently refurbished its restaurant cruise vessel, the Naticia, with the addition of a glass roof for unrivalled views of the night sky and a romantic dance under the stars - whilst gliding down the river Thames.
The bateaux are operated and maintained as educational tools.
UNWIND after a hard day's sale shopping in London and enjoy a lunch or dinner cruise on the Thames with Bateaux London (www.