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bath′ mat`

(bæθ, bɑθ)
a mat or washable rug used to stand on when entering or leaving a bath.
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Noun1.bath mat - a heavy towel or mat to stand on while drying yourself after a bathbath mat - a heavy towel or mat to stand on while drying yourself after a bath
bath linen - linens for use in the bathroom
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We offer you a wide range of carpets, rugs, poufs, throws, cushions, door mats, bath mats in various shades that will surely complement your interiors.
The Noble Excellence Elite Towel Collection includes wash cloths, hand towels, bath mats and bath sheets.
Alongside bathroom suites in an array of styles, Taskers has bathroom floor and wall tiles, plumbing essentials, bathroom mirrors, towel radiators, bath mats and every accessory you could ever need - including bath mats to laundry baskets and even toothbrush holders.
Different types of bath mats are available, including those used inside the shower area or bath tubs and outside once we step out after a bath.
Good bath mats, sturdy shower seats, grab bars and extendable shower sprays can help older people stay safe, he says.
Parker's company, Icon Group International, has produced more than one million titles, which were printed on demand, ranging from books on medicine to Indian bath mats, however, it might be at the opposite end of the publishing industry to the bestsellers list, but it has profit, Metro.
Parents and carers can pick up free child safety equipment for their own homes, including blind cord safety devices, cupboard catches, bath mats and vouchers for lockable medicine cabinets.
Create a clean and pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom with Lifestyle's foam bath mats from Microdry.
Made from stainless steel, you can mix or match the colour with the bin, towels and bath mats for a complete look.
Clayton West company Phoenox Textiles Ltd is building on the success of its award-winning products, which include bath mats, entrance mats, pet beds and bean bags.
Mini bath mats for children have a fun seaside theme
Heavyweight reversible bath mats,pounds 30 each,John Lewis com) lluminated Wall Mirror pounds 374.