bath salts

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bath salts

 (băth, bäth)
1. A crystalline, often scented substance that is added to bathwater to improve lathering and soften the skin.
2. Any of several drugs composed of synthetic cathinones, used as stimulants and usually packaged as cosmetics or household products.

bath salts

pl n
soluble scented salts for use in a bath

bath′ salts`

(bæθ, bɑθ)
a preparation of flakes or crystals used to soften or give a pleasant scent to a bath.
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Noun1.bath salts - a preparation that softens or scents a bathbath salts - a preparation that softens or scents a bath
toilet articles, toiletry - artifacts used in making your toilet (washing and taking care of your body)
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
أمْلاح الإسْتِحْمام
koupelová sůl
kúpeľová soľ
parfümlü banyo tuzu


(soːlt) noun
1. (also common salt) sodium chloride, a white substance frequently used for seasoning. The soup needs more salt.
2. any other substance formed, like common salt, from a metal and an acid.
3. a sailor, especially an experienced one. an old salt.
containing, tasting of, preserved in salt. salt water; salt pork.
to put salt on or in. Have you salted the potatoes?
ˈsalted adjective
(negative unsalted) containing or preserved with salt. salted butter; salted beef.
ˈsaltness noun
ˈsalty adjective
containing or tasting of salt. Tears are salty water.
ˈsaltiness noun
bath salts
a usually perfumed mixture of certain salts added to bath water.
the salt of the earth
a very good or worthy person. People like her are the salt of the earth.
take (something) with a grain/pinch of salt
to receive (a statement, news etc) with a slight feeling of disbelief. I took his story with a pinch of salt.
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