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v. bathed, bath·ing, bathes
1. To take a bath.
2. To go into the water for swimming or other recreation.
3. To become immersed in or as if in liquid.
4. To sunbathe.
1. To immerse in liquid; wet.
2. To wash in a liquid.
3. To apply a liquid to for healing or soothing purposes: bathed the wound with iodine.
4. To seem to wash or pour over; suffuse: a room that was bathed in sunlight.

[Middle English bathen, from Old English bathian.]

bath′er n.


1. covered, esp with a liquid: bathed in sweat.
2. suffused (with some quality)


[ˈbeɪðd] adj (= covered) to be bathed in sweat [person] → être en nage
to be bathed in sunshine [place] → être baigné(e) de soleil, être inondé(e) de soleil
References in classic literature ?
Meg bathed the insulted hand with glycerine and tears, Beth felt that even her beloved kittens would fail as a balm for griefs like this, Jo wrathfully proposed that Mr.
With her own hands Louise Hardy bathed his tired young body and cooked him food.
It fronted towards the east, so that at a very seasonable hour a glow of crimson light came flooding through the window, and bathed the dingy ceiling and paper-hangings in its own hue.
Hereupon, Pearl broke away from her mother, and, running to the brook, stooped over it, and bathed her forehead, until the unwelcome kiss was quite washed off and diffused through a long lapse of the gliding water.
Deep into distant woodlands winds a mazy way, reaching to overlapping spurs of mountains bathed in their hill-side blue.
The fiend reached out its scaly arms for him--it touched him, its breath came into his face; and he would cry out for the awfulness of it, he would wake up in the night, shuddering, and bathed in perspiration, and start up and flee.
We walked in so pure and bright a light, gilding the withered grass and leaves, so softly and serenely bright, I thought I had never bathed in such a golden flood, without a ripple or a murmur to it.
Of course, I couldn't get these people to leave off their armor; they wouldn't do that when they bathed.
The Burches left with lively regrets, and the little missionaries, bathed in tears, swore eternal friendship with Rebecca, who pressed into their hands at parting a poem composed before breakfast.