bathroom fixture

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Noun1.bathroom fixture - any fixture in a bathroombathroom fixture - any fixture in a bathroom    
fixture - an object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household)
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From Acoustic tiles, to bathroom fixture, to cabinetry, to heating & air conditioning, to painting, to plumbing, to stone masonry, to wall paper to wood flooring, Craftsman's Construction Installation Encyclopedia covers every aspect of residential construction, remodeling, or repair.
For this week's Essentials, Inquirer Property decided to list down a bed, bathroom fixture, and other must-haves for your home.
The company recently collaborated with Supergrif, a Spanish bathroom fixture company, to create a collection first shown at the Kitchen Bath & Industry Show in Chicago last month.
Reuter also thinks the company can create a significant presence in the bathroom fixture market.
Despite his bathroom fixture conquest, Beebe said he wants to get into other kinds of design consulting such as automotive design.
The chic bathroom fixture - ``like having a Sub-Zero in the kitchen,'' one decorator told the New York Times - is the home urinal.
Marie Dana, 32, says she and bathroom fixture magnate Sidney Altman and his beloved pooch Samantha shared the same home for about six years until he died Feb.
Tenders are invited for renovation build to contract of the bathroom area, demolition of the space in question to include of current bathroom fixtures, flooring, plumbing and electrical where necessary, construction of independent bathroom spaces, replace existing three sinks with associated fixtures and counter top, replace existing ceiling grid and tiles, complete necessary lighting, exhaust, and hvac in each space, fixtures and finishes to be high grade, long lasting, commercial grade.
The manufacturer stone and tile company installs custom fabrication, design, and installation of kitchens, bathrooms, natural stone countertops, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, outdoor kitchens, shower enclosures, and kitchen cabinets.
Bathroom fixtures, particularly toilets consume, the largest amount of water which is 30% in average than any other fixtures similarly, inefficient or old toilets are a major source of water wastage.