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bath 1

 (băth, bäth)
n. pl. baths (băthz, bäthz, băths, bäths)
a. The act of soaking or cleansing the body, as in water or steam.
b. The water used for cleansing the body: I'm going to run a bath.
a. A bathtub.
b. A bathroom.
3. A building equipped for bathing.
4. often baths A resort providing therapeutic baths; a spa.
a. A liquid in which something is dipped or soaked for processing: immersed the metal in an acid bath.
b. A container holding such a liquid: emptied the bath of dye.
a. A medium, such as oil or sand, that controls the temperature of objects placed in it.
b. A container holding such a medium.

[Middle English, from Old English bæth.]

bath 2

An ancient Hebrew unit of liquid measure, equal to about 38 liters (10 US gallons).

[Hebrew bat.]


 (băth, bäth)
A city of southwest England southeast of Bristol. It is famous for its Georgian architecture and its hot mineral springs, tapped by the Romans in the first century ad.
bad (n)
bể bơi công cộng


[ˈbɑːθs] npl (public)bains mpl publics, bains-douches mpl
Roman baths → thermes mpl romainsbath salts nplsels mpl de bainbath towel nserviette f de bain


[bɑːðz] nplbagni mpl pubblici


حَمَامَات lázně bade Bäder λουτρά baños kylpylä bains kupelj terme 公衆浴場 수영장 zwembad offentlig bad łazienki casa de banhos, piscina pública баня bad (n) สระว่ายน้ำ hamam bể bơi công cộng 室内公共游泳池
References in classic literature ?
The baths at Nassau were very gay, so was Baden-Baden, where Fred lost some money, and I scolded him.
His skin was red and rough, as if from perpetual sunburn; he often went away to hot springs to take mud baths.
Some of these baths are good for one ailment, some for another; and again, peculiar ailments are conquered by combining the individual virtues of several different baths.
That's only in the summer time, when he comes there to take the sea baths.
She added hot baths, sitz baths, shower baths, and plunges.
Don't you remember what that lady we met at the Royston Baths told us about the child her sister adopted?
They then went to the baths, after which the prince put on the astrologer's robe and was conducted within sight of the king's palace by Marzavan, who left him there and went to consult his mother, the princess's nurse.
Adjoining my sleeping apartment were baths, dressing rooms, and other sleeping and living apartments, in all some ten rooms on this floor.
A short time before they reached the Baths of Caracalla the carriage stopped, Peppino opened the door, and the count and Franz alighted.
Polybus lived in Egyptian Thebes, which is the richest city in the whole world; he gave Menelaus two baths, both of pure silver, two tripods, and ten talents of gold; besides all this, his wife gave Helen some beautiful presents, to wit, a golden distaff, and a silver work box that ran on wheels, with a gold band round the top of it.
Pelet, reproaching him with perfidy, sending him a challenge, or performing other gambadoes of the sort--I hit at last on the expedient of walking out in the cool of the morning to a neighbouring establishment of baths, and treating myself to a bracing plunge.
When the sea-water had taken all the sweat from off them, and had refreshed them, they went into the baths and washed themselves.