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Variant of bateau.
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Elizabeth watched the motion of the batteau as it pulled from the shore, letting loose its rope as it went, but it soon disappeared in the darkness, when the ear was her only guide to its evolutions.
Clear,” announced that the boat was returning; when Richard seized a brand from the fire, and ran to a point as far above the centre of the fishing-ground, as the one from which the batteau had started was below it.
Presently the batteau shot into the circle of light, and in an instant she was pulled to the shore.
The Canadian waters are vocal with these little French chansons, that have been echoed from mouth to mouth and transmitted from father to son, from the earliest days of the colony; and it has a pleasing effect, in a still golden summer evening, to see a batteau gliding across the bosom of a lake and dipping its oars to the cadence of these quaint old ditties, or sweeping along in full chorus on a bright sunny morning, down the transparent current of one of the Canada rivers.
Co-produced by Elizabeth Baudouin and Michelle Peerali, and featuring renowned industry names like Michele Lamy, Maria Cornejo, Yolande Batteau of Callidus Guild, and Lindsey Adelman, Interior Motives proves not only a coexistence but a symbiosis between interior design and fashion.
Joseph married Rebecca Robertson and served in the Batteau Service under Maj.
Also, many small communities hosted multiple firms: Chimney Tickle hosted Saul Gooden from Newfoundland and Josh Handcock; at Batteau, John Dawe and Bonnell were both from Brigus, Newfoundland.
55-year-old Denmark Vesey and an 18-year-old Batteau Bennett), July 12th
Batteau, "De theologie van Abraham Kuyper: Een beoordeling," Radix 13, no.
Batteau (2010) warns about the success of adopting technologies, and the asymmetries that could be expected in the process if such technologies do not manage to go hand in hand with identity.
From a lumber batteau working on a log jam, to an eccentric cobbler traveling from island to island by sailing scow, to trains wrecks, hootchie-cootchie dancers, coastwise cargo schooners, and so much more, readers are treated to unique perspectives captured by a camera's lens and documented life and work in the state of Maine during a sixty year span that begins in 1860 and ends in 1920.
In this situation a retreat was inevitable and made in the utmost confusion with the loss of our cannon on the batteries, provisions, five hundred stand of small arms, and a batteau load of powder.