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also bat·teau (bă-tō′)
n. pl. ba·teaux also bat·teaux (-tōz′)
1. Canada & New England A long, light, flatbottom boat with a sharply pointed bow and stern.
2. South Atlantic & Gulf States A small, light, flatbottom rowboat.

[Canadian and Louisiana French, from French, boat, from Old French batel, from Old English bāt; see bheid- in Indo-European roots.]


(bæˈtəʊ; French bato)
n, pl -teaux (-təʊz; French -to)
(Nautical Terms) a light flat-bottomed boat used on rivers in Canada and the northern US
[C18: from French: boat, from Old French batel, from Old English bāt; see boat]



n., pl. -teaux (-ˈtoʊz)
a small flat-bottomed rowboat used on rivers.
[1705–15, Amer.; < French; Old French batel <bat, boat]
References in classic literature ?
In the old times of the great Northwest Company, when the trade in furs was pursued chiefly about the lakes and rivers, the expeditions were carried on in batteaux and canoes.
The goods destined for this wide and wandering traffic were put up at the warehouses of the company in Montreal, and conveyed in batteaux, or boats and canoes, up the river Attawa, or Ottowa, which falls into the St.
249] Andre Derain, Batteaux a Collioure, dated 1905; {AAR0240} (36) [pp.
These include Adam's Rangers, MacKay's Loyal Volunteers, Munro's Batteaux Company, Jessup's King's Loyal Americans (not to be confused with the later Jessup's Loyal Rangers), and Peter's Queen's Loyal Rangers to name a few.
Batteaux hardly qualified as an auspicious address for a young lord of good standing or his lady.
The town's mayor Joel Batteaux said: "Naval construction is a family that knows how to share its glories and its difficult moments but it's never been as hard as this.
In May we made all due preparations in puting canoes in order, making Batteaux, making Pemican and packing Furs, and by the 15th were all ready to embark for our rendezvouz at Grand Portage.
Although TCU quarterback Patrick Batteaux passed just six times, he dissected the Trojans' defense by tossing the ball to the tailback at just the right moment, or keeping it and running for part of his 94 yards.
5 This claim needs to be asserted a bit vaguely, because although it is clear that the lyric did not attain a securely recognized place in the theoretical system of Western literature until the Romantic period, it cannot be ruled out that precursors of this recognition may appear--and in fact Genette notices at least two such examples: the Abbe Batteaux, in the eighteenth century, who includes a chapter "Sur la poesie lyrique" in his essay on Les Beaux-Arts (Architext 31-36; see also 5-7); and, even earlier, Milton, who provides what Genette calls "the earliest example, to my knowledge" of the misattribution of a distinction between epic, dramatic, and lyric poetry to Aristotle, in his Of Education of 1644 (29).
Hand drawn maps augment the text in presenting the physiography over which the army of more than 1,000 men moved leaky green wood batteaux, food, munitions and supplies through bogs, forest, mountain rapids, and long portages in miserable November weather.
Option quarterback Patrick Batteaux, a converted wide receiver, will be the key for the offense.
He had a couple of batteaux last June at Adolphustown for the Loyalist Day celebrations, and they proved to be a very important part of the programme.