batter down

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w>batter down

vt sep wallzertrümmern; door alsoeinschlagen; resistancezerschlagen
References in classic literature ?
Then, knowing that the Army of Revolt could not batter down the barriers in several days, the adventurers gathered once more in the throne room for a council of war.
That I knew the ingredients very well, which were cheap and common; I understood the manner of compounding them, and could direct his workmen how to make those tubes, of a size proportionable to all other things in his majesty's kingdom, and the largest need not be above a hundred feet long; twenty or thirty of which tubes, charged with the proper quantity of powder and balls, would batter down the walls of the strongest town in his dominions in a few hours, or destroy the whole metropolis, if ever it should pretend to dispute his absolute commands.
She reproached me with wanting boldness, and I answered that even to be bold you must have an opportunity: you may push on through a breach but you can't batter down a dead wall.
The vagabonds recovered their courage; soon the heavy joist, raised like a feather by two hundred vigorous arms, was flung with fury against the great door which they had tried to batter down.
While this cryptic conversation was in progress, Agravaine, his worst apprehensions realized, was trying to batter down the door.
KDA's officials had conducted an operation in North Karachi's 5-L sector to batter down illegal buildings on amenity plots grabbed through China-cutting.
It doesn't batter down any boundaries; it doesn't stretch any envelopes, it's just sublime songs superbly played.
AARON DORAN revealed he had to pound the turf in training rather than batter down the gaffer's door to win back his place in Inverness's starting 11.
Her most important role will be to batter down the doors of the UK Research Councils to improve Wales' low share of the funding allocated by Parliament.
People will batter down idols of corruption through the power of vote.
Police installed a noticeboard informing passers-by that a drugs raid was taking place before using a metal enforcer to batter down the door of a flat in York Hill Crescent.