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powered, driven, or operated with batteries


[ˌbætərɪˈɒpəreɪtɪd] ADJa pilas
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ISLAMABAD -- A delegation of Chinese companies from Lanzhou City of China visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and showed its keen interest in joint ventures in escalators, elevators and battery-operated vehicles in Pakistan.
Battery-operated cars will be soon started by Bokaro and four other stations under Adra division of South Eastern Railway (SER) to take old and ailing passengers from the entry point to the platforms.
The mall worker was arrested last month by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia) based on a video showing him kissing the boy on a battery-operated toy ride in Al-Qasr Mall in Riyadh.
Install an inexpensive plug-in outlet that's controlled by a battery-operated remote that Looks like a light switch.
Agartala, Aug 1 ( ANI ): The Tripura Government is taking measures to promote environment friendly battery-operated rickshaws in the state to generate employment.
The Oddfellows wanted to buy something useful for the pupils at Hollybank School in Mirfield after their battery-operated pig racing fundraiser.
Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) officially showcased their new battery-operated forklifts to staff members at the company recently.
Ecolite 4100 coiling-mounted light and Ecolite 3200, 3100 and 1700 mobile, battery-operated lights also available
One is the iZap, a portable battery-operated sanitizer that is suited for home use or for travel.
The battery-operated borescope offers the same high quality performance as the other Machida borescopes, but at a lower cost.
Battery-operated MBT models are useful for measuring difficult areas of bottle geometry such as heel, base, and shoulder regions, decorated areas, small radii, and complex shapes and corners.
I was at a New Year's Eve party in the block where I live and quickly had to fetch my 35-year-old, leather-bound, battery-operated radio to catch the chimes of Big Ben to see the New Year in.