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Adj.1.battery-powered - powered by one or more electric batteriesbattery-powered - powered by one or more electric batteries; "a battery-powered radio"
powered - (often used in combination) having or using or propelled by means of power or power of a specified kind; "powered flight"; "kerosine-powered jet engines"
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The new PIC16F631/677 microcontrollers serve a broad market, including the following example applications: battery-powered devices (security systems, smoke and CO detectors, handheld devices), appliances (deep fryers, washers, dryers), and power conversion (power supplies, DC/DC converters, battery chargers).
evstores Announces Intentions to Build Battery-powered Low
There are currently no generally available battery-powered cars on the U.
The SOT-23 package saves board space and simplifies the design, making these devices ideal for battery-powered portable applications.
This dramatic miniaturization may lead to widespread use of atomic clocks in battery-powered devices such as global positioning system (GPS) receivers, wireless computers, and cell phones, says John Kitching, leader of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) team in Boulder, Colo.
Successful field trials conducted last year at Placer Dome's Campbell mine in Red Lake, using a fuel-cell powered locomotive, outperformed a conventional battery-powered locomotive "at every opportunity," says a federal researcher overseeing an international effort to evaluate the technology's productivity and efficiency in mining.
Five years, a lawsuit and controversy after introducing a prototype of a battery-powered leaf blower, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power board voted Wednesday to try to sell the patent to a manufacturer for mass production.
The idea was born at the 1990 Los Angeles Auto Show, when then--General Motors Chairman Roger Smith, in a moment of bravado his industry has come to regret, boasted that his company could and would mass-produce the futuristic, battery-powered concept car there on display.
Battery Power 2012 addresses theses topics and others impacting batteries and battery-powered systems.
has become the first Minnesotan to have a battery-powered stimulator implanted in his brain to control debilitating tremors caused by his Parkinson's disease.
Nation's Leading Brand of Battery-Powered Mowers Teams with World's Leading Manufacturer of High-Performance Batteries to Power 2010 Model Lineup