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The Germans lost one battle cruiser, one pre-dreadnaught (the Pommern), four light cruisers and five destroyers and 2,551 men.
However, one small but powerful German squadron did influence the balance of forces and the overall course of World War I: the Mediterranean Division, comprising the battle cruiser Goeben and the light cruiser Breslau, under Rear Admiral Wilhelm A.
The Royal Navys battle ship Prince of Wales and the battle cruiser Repulse had been sunk by Japanese bombers.
The Russian naval group, which passed through the English Channel on Friday, is made up ofRussia's sole aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, as well as a nuclear-powered battle cruiser, two anti-submarinewarshipsand four support vessels, likely escorted by submarines.
According to media reports, the Russian fleet which is on its way to the Mediterranean includes an aircraft carrier a battle cruiser and two destroyers.
HMS Invincible, the Royal Navy's first battle cruiser, launched at Armstrong's Elswick shipyard in 1908.
The battle cruiser remained afloat and was later repaired and put back into service.
What has been proposed instead is to acquire 12 such frigates, and put the remaining tonnage into a nuclear-powered battle cruiser armed with cruise missiles and big guns for offensive punch.
More formally known as Admiral William Tennant, he oversaw the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, captained a battle cruiser and played a key role in the D-Day landings.
A RUSSIAN aircraft carrier and and a nuclear-powered battle cruiser have passed through the English Channel.
She was commissioned into the Ottoman Navy in 1913, captained by Lieutenant Tophaneli Hakki (GE-verte Kydemli YE-zbaE-y Tophaneli ybrahim oy-lu Hakky) under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel GeehlThe Nusret played a pivotal role in the Dardanelles Campaign, laying 26 mines in an unexpected position in February 1915 just prior to the ill-fated invasion which sank HMS Irresistible, HMS Ocean and the French battleship Bouvet, and left the British battle cruiser HMS Inflexible badly damaged.

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