battle damage

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Noun1.battle damage - loss of military equipment in battlebattle damage - loss of military equipment in battle
equipment casualty, damage - loss of military equipment
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
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Robinson directed a rejoin above the weather, performed a battle damage check along with ascertaining that all of Bay 02's navigation, control, and performance systems were operating correctly.
The new version of Maverick missile, to be demonstrated by the USAF in early 2005, will provide better situational awareness and battle damage assessment to the warfighter, allowing the missile to be launched without the current weather-dependent visual lock on the target.
The system is also designed to provide the important ability to isolate faults, outages or damage, including battle damage, while maintaining power to critical systems.
Its comprehensive features include the capability to distribute digital data, voice-operated switching for hands-free operation, a ring architecture for resilience to battle damage, active noise reduction and built-in test facilities.
The system is capable of reconfiguring its components to counteract faults and failures -- even those caused by battle damage -- enabling pilots to continue their mission and return safely.
Visitors to the museum can see remnants from that day of infamy, including the 158-foot tall red and white iconic Ford Island Field Control Tower still under restoration, Hangars 37 and 79, and bullet holes and battle damage in hangar 79.
Boxer is obtainable in a range of models, for example infantry fighting vehicle, armoured personnel carrier, command post, ambulance, logistics / cargo, engineer group carrier, and battle damage repair.
Other pictures in the album amassed by an unknown German airman depict aircraft, battle damage and aerial photos of Verdun, the scene of one of the war's biggest battles that took place between February to December 1916.
In 1992, Aircraft Battle Damage Repair moved to MoD St Athan from RAF Abingdon, which trained battle damage repair instructors assessors, including many from the other services and overseas.
The way these work is, conduct a strike, conduct a battle damage assessment to see if the strike did exactly what we thought it would do.
The system demonstrates integrated squad-level airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance with the ability to provide a cursor on target and battle damage assessment, according to a release on Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments of 2015.
We do believe that the battle damage assessment that we've conducted shows that these strikes were extremely successful in terms of hitting what we were aiming at and causing the damage that we wanted to cause.

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