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Noun1.battle flag - a flag that leads troops into battlebattle flag - a flag that leads troops into battle
flag - emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design
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But we must never allow the enormity of what these veterans achieved, or the foundation of freedom they gave us, to fade like an old regimental battle flag.
Legislators spent much of this year wrangling over the state flag, which has engendered controversy because it incorporates the Confederate battle flag.
prisoners; supporting removal of the confederate battle flag from the South Carolina state capitol; and supporting the use of the term "people of color" instead of minority.
The Lost Cause symbols that are even now causing trouble in the South -- the Confederate battle flag, team nicknames like the "Rebels," playing "Dixie" as a school's fight song -- were not traditions cultivated by men just off their horses from Appomattox.
Make no mistake: The Confederate battle flag flying at the state Capitol in Charleston, S.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Sears Holdings Corp on Monday banned sales of products bearing the image of the Confederate battle flag.
Ed Norris, head of the Battle Flag Preservation Commission of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, will describe the history and significance of Union Civil War flags, especially the Company K flag on display at the library.
The battle flag of Sheldon's Dragoons' Colonel Buford's Gold Battalion Standard' Colonel Buford's Main Battle Flag' Colonel Buford's Blue Battalion Standard
A BATTLE flag rescued from the raging torrent of the Buffalo River in South Africa during the Anglo-Zulu War has been saved again - this time for posterity.
Photo Study/Critical Thinking: Refer to photos of the battle flag protests.
The Confederate battle flag is still regarded by many blacks as a symbol of slavery and racial segregation.