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Noun1.battle fleet - a fleet of warships prepared for battlebattle fleet - a fleet of warships prepared for battle
fleet - a group of warships organized as a tactical unit
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The men of Torquas had perfected huge guns with which their uncanny marksmanship had permitted them to repulse the few determined efforts that near-by red nations had made to explore their country by means of battle fleets of airships.
1918: The German battle fleet surrendered to the Allies at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys.
A picture of the British battle fleet coming into action at Jutland <B A picture of the British battle fleet coming into action at Jutland <B
From sophisticated submarines to advanced aircraft carriers, the US Navy and its contractors produce millions of pages of technical content to support the largest battle fleet in the world.
According to Russian news source Russia Today (RT), the appearance of US warships in the Black Sea has led the Russian military to believe that NATO is assembling a battle fleet in the region.
Matt Reddy is still healing from battle but plans a raid against the heart of the Grik Empire--but first he must destroy their battle fleet.
The work's main theme compares two strategies for submarine use: attacks on the enemy battle fleet versus those on enemy shipping.
1545: The Mary Rose, pride of Henry VIII's battle fleet, sank in the Solent with the loss of 700 lives.
Friedman, a naval analyst, historian, and author who has written books on the design and development of different US warship types, Royal Navy destroyers, and British aircraft carriers, details the roles of British cruisers in defending trade routes, supporting the battle fleet, and policing the empire during the radio or wireless age.
Great Britain spent years building the most powerful battle fleet in the world prior to 1914, and after the 1924 naval conference in Washington D.
Not a good start if it should be a 1995 Evo, making smoke which would have impressed the Atlantic battle fleet, pulling up outside for tea and politeness.