battle sight

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Noun1.battle sight - an arrangement of sights that makes possible the rapid aiming of a firearm at short ranges
gunsight, gun-sight - a sight used for aiming a gun
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drum Front: Blade Rear: U notch battle sight & aperture adj.
Its latest RIX red dot sight is a cross between a micro-and full-size battle sight.
It can also be weapon mounted when coupled with a daytime, close-quarters battle sight or an IR laser.
Tunnel vision was no problem; I could engage targets with both eyes open and maintain a wide field of view, a critical feature on a battle sight.
In addition to reducing the weight, Saab has also upgraded the original battle sight.
072" battle sight posts are the same on all four surfaces, allowing one click increments of 11/4, just as Mother Nature intended.
4 pounds Magazine: Three-round Mannlicher-style clip Sights: Front--Wide blade with groove Rear--250 meter battle sight and U-notch adjustable from 400 to 2400 meters Bayonet: 16-inch cruciform epee SPECIFICATIONS FUSIL D'INFANTERIE MLE.
Each feature a seven-round capacity, 4-inch barrel, G10 Starburst grips and Battle sight with fiber optic front.
The thermal sight is produced by Qioptiq, the close-quarter battle sight by Shield, and the underslung grenade launcher sight by Istec.
ring that can damage the weapon and hurt the battle sight zero.
Galileo Avionica's Individual Combat Weapon Sight features a x3 optical sight, a daylight black and white TV/night infrared channel, a visible and an infrared laser emitter and a red-dot battle sight.
Set battle sight ammo and range before every engagement.