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a. An encounter between opposing forces: an important battle in the Pacific campaign.
b. Armed fighting; combat: wounded in battle.
2. A match between two combatants: trial by battle.
a. A protracted controversy or struggle: won the battle of the budget.
b. An intense competition: a battle of wits.
v. bat·tled, bat·tling, bat·tles
To engage in or as if in battle.
To fight against: battled the enemy; battled cancer.

[Middle English batel, from Old French bataille, from Vulgar Latin *battālia, from Late Latin battuālia, fighting and fencing exercises, from Latin battuere, to beat.]

bat′tler n.
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Once more she evokes the same war imagery of mangled men, "They 'marched,' they battled behind her brain--the men who had drunk beer with the best of them, the men with two arms off and two legs off, the men with parts of faces.
Like Jesse Jackson, Robinson has battled to shine a light on human-rights issues and economic concerns facing the nations of Africa and the Caribbean.