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A notched parapet built on top of a wall, with alternating merlons and crenels for decoration or defense. Also called embattlement.

[Middle English batelment, alteration (influenced by batel, battle) of Old French batillement, tower, turret, from bastille; see bastille.]

bat′tle·ment′ed (-mĕn′tĭd) adj.
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Adj.1.battlemented - protected with battlements or parapets with indentations or embrasures for shooting throughbattlemented - protected with battlements or parapets with indentations or embrasures for shooting through
protected - kept safe or defended from danger or injury or loss; "the most protected spot I could find"
2.battlemented - having or resembling repeated square indentations like those in a battlementbattlemented - having or resembling repeated square indentations like those in a battlement; "a crenelated molding"
fancy - not plain; decorative or ornamented; "fancy handwriting"; "fancy clothes"
References in classic literature ?
Then the clustered brown towers perched on the green hilltop, and the old battlemented stone wall, stretching up and over the grassy ridge and disappearing in the leafy sea beyond, make a picture whose grace and beauty entirely satisfy the eye.
On its summit stood clumps and stretches of fir-trees, whose notched tips appeared like battlemented towers crowning black-fronted castles of enchantment.
This way," replied the patron of the bark, changing the sail, and impressing upon the rudder a twist which turned the boat in the direction of a pretty little port, quite coquettish, round, and newly battlemented.
Behind these palaces, extended in all directions, now broken, fenced in, battlemented like a citadel, now veiled by great trees like a Carthusian convent, the immense and multiform enclosure of that miraculous Hôtel de Saint-Pol, where the King of France possessed the means of lodging superbly two and twenty princes of the rank of the dauphin and the Duke of Burgundy, with their domestics and their suites, without counting the great lords, and the emperor when he came to view Paris, and the lions, who had their separate Hôtel at the royal Hôtel.
Between the old and the new Rue du Temple, there was the Temple, a sinister group of towers, lofty, erect, and isolated in the middle of a vast, battlemented enclosure.
From my seat I could look down on Thornfield: the grey and battlemented hall was the principal object in the vale below me; its woods and dark rookery rose against the west.
As for the house, it was not less remarkable; it had a receding centre, and two wings with battlemented turrets, and was covered with glittering white stucco.
Sirmione is a beautiful small town with endless ice cream shops serving delicious offerings to keep you going as you explore the battlemented walls and 13th-century fairytale castle.
It is because of such dangers that Llanrhidian church has a tall tower with stairs up to a battlemented roof, which could be used as a look out and could house a fire-beacon to give warning of raids.
Inside the towers and battlemented walls of the enclosure were all the elements of the medieval house and home.
The story is set in medieval times--when dragons were no doubt more common--and the illustrations of the town with its surrounding battlemented wall, massive entry gates, aqueducts, finely tiled squares, half-timbered buildings and thatched cottages, are a delight.
The architectural masterpiece of Diu is its huge battlemented 16th-century fort.