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Any of a class of very large warships, heavily armored and armed with numerous large-caliber guns. Also called battlewagon.

[Short for line-of-battle ship.]


(ˈbætəlˌʃɪp) or


1. (Military) a heavily armoured warship of the largest type having many large-calibre guns
2. (Military) (formerly) a warship of sufficient size and armament to take her place in the line of battle; ship of the line


(ˈbæt lˌʃɪp)

any of a class of warships that are heavily armored and are equipped with powerful armaments.
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Noun1.battleship - large and heavily armoured warshipbattleship - large and heavily armoured warship  
dreadnaught, dreadnought - battleship that has big guns all of the same caliber
pocket battleship - a small battleship built to conform with treaty limitations on tonnage and armament (from 1925 to 1930)
combat ship, war vessel, warship - a government ship that is available for waging war


noun warship, gunboat, man-of-war, ship of the line, capital ship the rumble of a great battleship going down the slipway
بارِجَ، سَفينَه حَرْبيَّهسَفِينَة حَرْبِيَّة
bitevní loď
ratni brod
bojová loď
chiến hạm


[ˈbætlʃɪp] N
1. (Mil) → acorazado m
2. battleships (= game) → los barquitos (juego)


[ˈbætəlʃɪp] ncuirassé m


[ˈbætlˌʃɪp] nnave f da guerra


(ˈbӕtl) noun
a fight between opposing armies or individuals. the last battle of the war.
to fight.
ˈbattlefield noun
the place where a battle is, or was, fought. dead bodies covered the battlefield.
ˈbattleship noun
a heavily armed and armoured warship.


سَفِينَة حَرْبِيَّة bitevní loď slagskib Kriegsschiff θωρηκτό acorazado sotalaiva cuirassé ratni brod corazzata 戦艦 전함 slagschip slagskip okręt wojenny couraçado линкор slagskepp เรือรบ muharebe zırhlısı chiến hạm 战舰
References in classic literature ?
Charley was off in his battleship, cruising somewhere on the Caribbean sea.
He lived almost entirely in a little room that was in the very centre of the enormous labyrinth of all the other rooms, and even in this he erected another sort of central cabin or cupboard, lined with steel, like a safe or a battleship.
I had raced through space on the tiny one-man air scout and I had commanded the greatest battleship that ever had floated in the thin air of dying Mars.
Instantly a hundred tiny fliers rose from her deck, like a swarm of huge dragon flies; but scarcely were they clear of the battleship than the nose of each turned toward the shaft, and they, too, rushed on at frightful speed toward the same now seemingly inevitable end that menaced the larger vessel.
Now you're a tower of strength: a consort battleship.
Clayton asked no questions--he did not need to--and the following day, as the great lines of a British battleship grew out of the distant horizon, he half determined to demand that he and Lady Alice be put aboard her, for his fears were steadily increasing that nothing but harm could result from remaining on the lowering, sullen Fuwalda.
Smallways heard men hurrying along the passage, and was drawn out to the gallery, where he found nearly a dozen officers collected and scrutinising the helpless ruins of the battleship through field-glasses.
The ceremony was as stiff and formal as court etiquette could make it, and when the last of the Dusarians clambered over the rail of the battleship that had brought them upon this fateful visit to the court of Ptarth, and the mighty engine of destruction had risen slowly from the ways of the landing-stage, a note of relief was apparent in the voice of Thuvan Dihn as he turned to one of his officers with a word of comment upon a subject foreign to that which had been uppermost in the minds of all for hours.
Her prow sloped sharply backward from the water-line--quite like a line of battleship.
I told him that his precious toy would take him and some of his friends to the bottom of the ocean one of these days if he didn't get it out of his head that she was a liner or a battleship.
We captured the man on his arrival and turned him over to the police, who found upon him enough of a new and powerful explosive to sink a battleship.
I had seen the mechanism of the primitive fighting beast, and I was as strongly impressed as if I had seen the engines of a great battleship or Atlantic liner.