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Noun1.battlesight - an arrangement of sights that makes possible the rapid aiming of a firearm at short ranges
gunsight, gun-sight - a sight used for aiming a gun
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Sights are fiber optic up front, U-notch BattleSight aft.
The two outside flats have a radius added at the rear to provide a space on the slide for the Wilson Combat windage-adjustable Tactical Battlesight.
On top of the tri-topped slide, the pistolsmiths at Wilson Combat install the Battlesight rear sight.
000 Troy Rear Folding Battlesight - Black Or Equal etc.
Army doctrine during the M14's era, prescribed a battlesight zero of 250 meters.
was established in 2003 with the introduction of the Troy BattleSight, a BUIS popular with SpecOps that features a unique diamond-shaped aperture (DOA).
111 Qioptiq Lightweight day sight 10,835 Elcan Close quarter battlesight 19,122 Shield Underslung grenade launcher sight 784 Istec UGL tire control system 2,090 Vectronix Commander's target locator 2,471 Vectronix Lightweight infantry periscope 856 Uniscope Ruggedised digital camera 856 Olympus UK Conversion of existing Maxikite 2s & common 4,176 Qioptiq weapon sights to meet Fist requirements
The rear sight is a Wilson Combat design, a no-snag Battlesight model featuring a wide, U-shaped notch.
The front sight is a Trijicon tritium dovetailed style matched up with a solid black rear battlesight also fit in a dovetail.
As the LWRC International IC-DI does not come with any BUIS, I installed the really excellent Troy Di-Optic Aperture (DOA) folding rear BattleSight in black.
From the top down, aiming was vastly improved with a green fiber optic front sight and Wilson's Battlesight rear, with a big, easy-to-index U-notch.

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