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The principal ore of aluminum, composed mainly of hydrous aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides.

[After Les Baux, a commune of southeast France.]

baux·it′ic (-sĭt′ĭk) adj.


consisting of, containing or resembling bauxite
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Adj.1.bauxitic - resembling or containing bauxite
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heavy sand loams)# 2 57 A peaty horizon# Absent (0), present (1) 2 58 At or A2 horizon directly Absent (0), overlies a calcrete pan, A1 horizon hard unweathered rock or (1), A2 other hard material; or horizon (2), partially weathered or A humose, decomposed rock or melacic, or saprolite; or melanic unconsolidated mineral horizon, or materials# conspicuously bleached A2 horizon (3) 2 59 A tenic B horizon or a B2 Absent (0), horizon with [less than or present (1) equal to] 15% clay (SL), or a transitional horizon (ClB) occurring in fissures in the parent rock or saprolite, which contains 10-50% of the B horizon material (including pedogenic carbonate)# 2 60 A ferric or bauxitic Absent (0), horizon >0.
The lateritic and bauxitic horizons of many parts of Iran have been mineralogically, geochemically, and genetically investigated by various workers (Esmaeily et al.
The BAJV commenced operations in April 2011 and aims to develop an alumina refinery to produce alumina from locally mined bauxitic gravels.