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1. One who scavenges along beaches or in wharf areas.
2. A seaside vacationer.

beach′comb′ (bēch′kōm′) v.


vb (intr)
to search for and collect objects such as seashells and driftwood along the seashore
ˈbeachˌcombing n
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I would take my children, and we would go to the Marine Science Center and play there for quite some time, then drive up to the lighthouse, gaze out at the ocean for a little while, then walk down to the cove, beachcomb, watch the seals, picnic and just have a very good time.
Lyerla and her young charges were bound for Florence to shop and beachcomb, and had spent the previous day visiting Wildlife Safari near Roseburg.
The Umpqua Lighthouse Master Plan, approved by the commission last April, was designed to solve a long-running clash between ATV users and others who hike and beachcomb in the area.