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1. A squared-off log or a large, oblong piece of timber, metal, or stone used especially as a horizontal support in construction.
2. Nautical
a. A transverse structural member of a ship's frame, used to support a deck and to brace the sides against stress.
b. The breadth of a ship at the widest point.
c. The side of a ship: sighted land off the starboard beam.
3. Informal The widest part of a person's hips: broad in the beam.
4. A steel tube or wooden roller on which the warp is wound in a loom.
5. An oscillating lever connected to an engine piston rod and used to transmit power to the crankshaft.
a. The bar of a balance from which weighing pans are suspended.
b. Sports A balance beam.
7. The main horizontal bar on a plow to which the share, coulter, and handles are attached.
8. One of the main stems of a deer's antlers.
a. A ray or shaft of light.
b. A concentrated stream of particles or a similar propagation of waves: a beam of protons; a beam of light.
10. A radio beam.
v. beamed, beam·ing, beams
1. To radiate light; shine.
2. To smile expansively.
1. To emit or transmit: beam a message via satellite.
2. To express by means of a radiant smile: He beamed his approval of the new idea.
on the beam
1. Following a radio beam. Used of aircraft.
2. On the right track; operating correctly.

[Middle English bem, from Old English bēam; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]
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2 : to smile with joy <She beamed as she told us the good news.
Without the need for onboard fuel or batteries, a full-size plane running off photovoltaic cells powered by a laser beamed from the ground could carry scientific or communication equipment, for instance, and stay in flight indefinitely.
Kouveliotou proposes that both classes stem from the same type of beamed source.