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Smiling, as with happiness or optimism.

beam′ish·ly adv.


smiling; radiant


(ˈbi mɪʃ)

bright, cheerful, and optimistic.
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Adj.1.beamish - smiling with happiness or optimismbeamish - smiling with happiness or optimism; "Come to my arms, my beamish boy!"- Lewis Carroll; "a room of smiling faces"; "a round red twinkly Santa Claus"
cheerful - being full of or promoting cheer; having or showing good spirits; "her cheerful nature"; "a cheerful greeting"; "a cheerful room"; "as cheerful as anyone confined to a hospital bed could be"
References in classic literature ?
But oh, beamish nephew, beware of the day, If your Snark be a Boojum
Bill Mather, centre, with Beamish Museum staff A FORMER cinema will open its doors to welcome visitors one final time before being moved brick-by-brick to Beamish, The Living Museum of the North.
It is to be taken down brick by brick and then rebuilt at Beamish as a feature of the museum's 1950s Town.
A TOY shop and dolls' hospital has won a public vote in Middlesbrough for a 1950s shop at Beamish Museum.
Huge congratulations to a beaming Matthew Henderson from Beamish Museum in County Durham - the wonderful winner of our coveted 2015 Tourism Superstar award
Lonmin has named Brian Beamish as new chairman, following the retirement of Roger Phillimore, effective immediately.
What Beamish open-air museum in County Durham does particularly well is offer an insight into the lives of everyday people in the region across that time.
DOCTOR BEAMISH There once was a doctor named Beamish, Who was rather aloof and stand-offish.
LOOK OUT Guinness - your three century old rival Beamish is following you over to the Big Apple.
Then we explored two pleasure sites from the second half of the century: one, an obvious choice that we believed needs fresh interpretation, Disneyland and the second, a living museum at Beamish in County Durham (northeast England).
Beamish Prince was in fine form over obstacles last season, showing much-improved form for George Moore on his first start of a hurdling campaign on the northern circuit, which yielded two wins and a series of sound races around two miles.
Philip Beamish, 24, punched his victim Raymond Faulkner so hard on the face it shattered both his cheekbones.