bean sprout

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bean sprout



(Cookery) the sprout of a newly germinated mung bean, eaten as a vegetable, esp in Chinese dishes

bean′ sprout`

the sprout of a newly germinated bean, esp. a mung bean, used as a vegetable.
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Noun1.bean sprout - any of various sprouted beans: especially mung beans or lentils or edible soybeansbean sprout - any of various sprouted beans: especially mung beans or lentils or edible soybeans
sprout - a newly grown bud (especially from a germinating seed)
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Among the served foods were pan-fried tofu, lotus root and pear salad, bibimbap, and bean sprout soup.
Representative Director: Katsukiyo Mizumoto, head office: Oita Prefecture) and the owner of the best-selling bean sprout brand Meisui Bijin, through a strategic business and capital alliance.
Hence, this study was designed to compare the effect of Se-enriched bean sprout with other Se sources on productivity and Se concentration in eggs of laying hens.
Sato, whose company is Japan's largest class bean sprout maker, described the product as ''simple but you can't cheat its quality.
Twenty-two people have died of food poisoning, which is believed to be linked to a bean sprout farm near Hamburg.
SK Publishing sent us a copy of their Benji Bean Sprout Doesn't Eat Meat
The system joins two other SAF filters supplied by Broadway, which are installed in the bean sprout division and which filter water for irrigating the sprouts down to 50 micron before it is passed through a carbon filter, so that it can then be re-used.
Now the previously unblemished bean sprout is being fingered as the root cause of E.
Shortly before serving, sprinkle mung bean sprout salad with about 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds.
A bean sprout farm not far from Hanover remains the prime suspect in the infection epidemic.
Bean Sprout and Vegetable Stir Fry (435g) buy 2 for pounds 1.
SAINT: Bean Sprout and Vegetable, Tesco, 31 cal/100g