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1. A small bag filled with dried beans or small pellets and used for throwing in games.
2. An article, such as a chair, that is constructed as a bag filled with small pellets.
3. A small folded bag filled with lead pellets, used as ammunition in a stun gun.


1. (Games, other than specified) a small cloth bag filled with dried beans and thrown in games
2. (Furniture) Also called: sag bag a very large cushion loosely filled with foam rubber or polystyrene granules so that it moulds into a comfortable shape: used as an informal low seat



1. a small cloth bag filled with beans.
2. Also called bean′bag chair`. a chair in the form of a large bag filled with foam pellets that molds itself to the contours of the sitter.
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Noun1.beanbag - a small cloth bag filled with dried beansbeanbag - a small cloth bag filled with dried beans; thrown in games
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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Customer Gwyneth Davison, who took pictures of her on a beanbag, said: "I was just browsing when something black caught my eye - a cat curled up fast asleep.
I know I urge patience, but the temptation to go on rumour sites is akin to dieters looking at that Chocolate Eclair the size of a beanbag your partner has sadistically left in the fridge.
50 if you want a beanbag, blanket, drink and popcorn, or PS45 for two on a double beanbag.
I just went home, sat on the beanbag in my front room and looked out of the window for, like, five hours," he tells ES magazine.
Inflatable pond beanbag, 50" durable inflatable target, incl beanbag frogs.
Jen said: "Atlas is an absolute hoot and doesn't stop running around unless he's crashed out on his massive beanbag.
It sits happily alongside the denim beanbag and the large red angle poise lamp.
During about 30 minutes of negotiation, officers obtained a fire extinguisher, coordinated a response from Eugene Springfield Fire, and retrieved a less-than-lethal beanbag rifle, Kirkpatrick said.
75 BEANBAG CHAIR Suedette bean bag chair, Dunelm Mill, www.
Besides the beanbag, the Coma Inducer material is available as a sheet set, a comforter and a twin XL dorm blanket.
Marine and Iraq War veteran whose skull was fractured during an Occupy protest when he was hit by a beanbag round fired by police has reached a $4.