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The stem of a bean plant.


(Botany) the stem of a bean plant



the stem of a bean plant.
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Noun1.beanstalk - stem of a bean plantbeanstalk - stem of a bean plant      
stalk, stem - a slender or elongated structure that supports a plant or fungus or a plant part or plant organ


[ˈbiːnstɔːk] Njudía f
References in classic literature ?
I have seldom been at such a loss for something to do; and in my idleness I behaved like a child, wishing my new friend back again, or myself on the railway with my new friend, until I blushed for the beanstalk growth of my regard for him, an utter stranger, and a younger man.
Which decision proved that her second tumble down the beanstalk had done her some good.
But the novel disaster quenched her courage for a time, for public opinion is a giant which has frightened stouter-hearted Jacks on bigger beanstalks than hers.
That last stroke of the hoe has cut off a beanstalk.
Miss Peecher inverting her watering-pot, and very carefully shaking out the few last drops over a flower, as if there were some special virtue in them which would make it a Jack's beanstalk before morning, called for replenishment to her pupil, who had been speaking to the boy.
During their time with a Beanstalk reading helper, the number of KS1 children able to use their sounds to work out new words on their own increased from 28% to 67%.
Beanstalk is a local children's literacy charity that supports kids who have fallen behind with their reading by recruiting, training and placing volunteers to work one-to-one with pupils in primary schools across the city.
During the night, the magic beans grow into a gigantic beanstalk outside Jack's window.
I used to hate pyrotechnics and in Jack and the Beanstalk we've got around half a dozen in the first half alone
This season's pantomime is Jack and the Beanstalk where Jack grows a plant from a bean, so how fitting is it that Syngenta is a plant science company and through our Good Growth Plan we are working towards creating a sustainable future in agriculture.
But, I'm happy to report, that now it really is a case of 'it's behind you' for the cast and crew - Jack and the Beanstalk should have everyone talking for all the right reasons.
Jack and the Beanstalk was due to run from December 11 through to New Year's Eve.