bearded collie

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beard·ed collie

A dog of a herding breed originating in Scotland, having a long shaggy coat and drooping ears.

bearded collie

(Breeds) a medium-sized breed of dog having a profuse long straight coat, usually grey or fawn and often with white on the head, legs, and chest, a long tail, and a distinctive beard

beard′ed col′lie

one of a British breed of medium-sized herding dogs with a long, shaggy coat, hanging ears, and a beardlike growth around the face and chest.
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JANE and Mathew Watts, aged 31 and 36, of The Park Paling, Cheylesmore, are pictured on their wedding day with their bearded collie cross Oscar, aged 12, who was from the RSPCA.
Meanwhile, Sophie the bearded collie indicates she is more than happy to be in the dog house - just so long as it's being towed behind her master's motorbike.
This very handsome bearded collie called Eddie had serious health problems when he was only six and his vet did not know what was wrong - so he went to the hospital and they fixed him.
Bearded collie Judy, aged 12, also from Balsall Heath, barked: "I've lived in different areas of Birmingham but have never left the city.
SHEBA, the nine-year-old bearded collie cross lives in Glamorgan Close, Willenhall Wood, Coventry, with owner Mary Hindle.
The intruder found bearded collie Digby, 14, almost unable to walk and his fur filthily matted, a court heard yesterday.
A BRAVE bearded collie from Coventry was today enjoying the glitz and glamour of showbusiness - with a guest appearance on a television talk show.
The sixth-month-old mongrel may have been friendly but his unusual crossbreed - half Bearded Collie, half Irish Wolfhound - made him.
June 25: Bearded Collie Club of Scotland Open Show in the Cochrane Hall, Alva.
This eight-month-old bearded collie lives with Susan, Jim, Hugh and Mark McAuley in East Kilbride.
WHAT do you think this bearded collie cross might be saying, as she tries to persuade her owner to let her in?
One, a bearded collie, escaped serious injury when a soft-top car broke its fall into a busy city centre street.