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pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
Variant of beestings.


(Agriculture) a US spelling of beestings


or beast•ings

(ˈbi stɪŋz)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
colostrum, esp. of a cow.
[before 1000; late Middle English bestynge, Old English bȳsting=bēost beestings (c. Old Saxon, Old High German biost) + -ing -ing 1]
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With her new Beastings friends, their music, and a revelation about her brother, Scarlett may begin to heal from her devastating loss.
Former sergeant major Philip said: "It was a normal run which took place with no extra beastings and was done within the confines laid down by the Army.
DURHAM-BORN author Benjamin Myers has landed a PS10,000 Portico Prize for Literature for his latest novel, Beastings.
There were a lot of beastings when I first got to Rotherham," he said.
Pte Jones, from Aberdare, and his comrade claimed they found repeated beastings unbearable.
After that, I was constantly getting picked on during parade and was sent for beastings for the state of my kit, even though there was nothing wrong with it.
At the inquest officers denied knowledge of any beastings saying the military guidelines that came into force a year before Pte Williams' death were followed.
During the inquest senior officers denied knowledge of any beastings, saying the military guidelines that came into force a year before Pte Williams' death were followed.
The winner of the inaugural Gordon Burn Prize (at last year's Durham Book Festival) is shortlisting books for this year's awards, has just received a Tom-Gallon Trust Award from the Society of Authors, and is launching his latest novel, Beastings.
Caah Pie is custard made from Beastings - the first milk given after a cow has calved.
And to improve on their 2011 World Cup semi-final near miss against France, Blues flanker Warburton is expecting the Welsh management to ratchet up their beastings of the players by '20%'.
The pair fled their barracks three weeks ago, claiming they could no longer put up with beastings - the term for a harsh punishment exercise.