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Noun1.beatniks - a United States youth subculture of the 1950sbeatniks - a United States youth subculture of the 1950s; rejected possessions or regular work or traditional dress; for communal living and psychedelic drugs and anarchism; favored modern forms of jazz (e.g., bebop)
youth subculture - a minority youth culture whose distinctiveness depended largely on the social class and ethnic background of its members; often characterized by its adoption of a particular music genre
beatnik, beat - a member of the beat generation; a nonconformist in dress and behavior
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THE WORLD PREMIERE of Beatsville, a musical set in the late 1950s in the world of Greenwich Village beatniks, takes place May 6-28 at Asolo Rep.
Exploring the sense of belonging that comes from being part of a movement-rebels, beatniks, an Elvis Fan club-embellished with individuality.
They sound a bit like an Ian McKaye supergroup (a cross between Minor Threat and Fugazi) but even more industrial leanings, like Shellac or the Beatniks or something.
Ever since the war, the communist fronts and the beatniks and the eggheads have conducted a national chorus of denunciation of this wicked nationalism.
He describes the origins of the beat generation during World War II, how the beats turned into beatniks, the emergence of a beatnik voice, and the spread of the phenomenon from Manhattan to the US and the world.
Ginsberg and the Beatniks were cliquish, self-promotional and, for the most part, ended up moneyed and bourgeois.
Lady beatniks also available, usual garb, all black.
Who knows the course of history had the young beatniks met and fallen in love under the influence of John, Paul, George and Ringo?
While rebels do exist, BIKER covers both types of groups, packs in plenty of photos, and covers all kinds of details of motorcycle culture, from movies and magazines to stunt riders and beatniks.
He often referred to the beatniks, saying Dylan, Lennon, McCartney and himself would not have been great lyricists without them.
Fashion was showing signs of change, too, with the rise of the Beatniks.
Curtis Jobling has a retrospective of his work on children's books and his latest project the Biteneck Beatniks on the walls of Sam's Place in Middlesbrough until the end of December.