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They are sold over the internet but also in gyms, beauty parlours and tanning salons.
Mainland urbanites are very conscious of their appearance, and their frequency of patronising beauty parlours is on the rise," said Ms Yau.
ISLAMABAD -- Mushrooming beauty parlours and boutiques in residential sectors of federal capital have become source of perpetual nuisance for the residents.
The cases raise fresh questions on how governments in many places in Asia regulate doctors' conduct and sale of medicines, but exercise little or no control over what goes on in beauty parlours or what goes into "healthcare" products.
Secretary for Food & Health Dr Ko Wing-man says the Government is considering regulating beauty parlours and risky medical procedures that should be conducted only by medical staff and at designated venues.
On the other hand offices, clinics, guest houses, beauty parlours are operating in the urban areas.
Similar discounts will be available at some select beauty parlours and spas.
The outlets -- 106 on the Red Line and 68 on the Green Line -- will be offered to various service providers selling merchandise like books, stationery, novelties, and gifts in addition to beauty parlours and banks.
Summary: Gents' salons, ladies' beauty parlours and spas in Dubai have been warned against hiring illegal staff to meet the Eid rush.
Women in Saudi Arabia, among the most beauty conscious in the Middle East region, fuel the sales of beauty and personal care products and also spend a lot at beauty parlours, the report quoted Ali.
Official sources were quoted by The News, as saying that the letters were sent to the Saba and Fair beauty parlours in the city.
Rajkot, Apr 30 (ANI): Beauty parlours in Rajkot are giving special concessions to women who cast their vote.