bed down

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Verb1.bed down - go to bedbed down - go to bed; "We bedded down at midnight"
doss, doss down, crash - sleep in a convenient place; "You can crash here, though it's not very comfortable"
crawl in, go to bed, go to sleep, hit the hay, hit the sack, kip down, sack out, turn in, bed, retire - prepare for sleep; "I usually turn in at midnight"; "He goes to bed at the crack of dawn"

w>bed down

visein Lager aufschlagen; to bed down for the nightsein Nachtlager aufschlagen
vt sep
persondas Bett machen (+dat); childschlafen legen; the soldiers were bedded down in the sheddie Soldaten hatten ihr (Nacht)quartier im Schuppen
animalseinstreuen (+dat)
References in classic literature ?
I made Nobs' bed down in Lys' room, for I knew she would feel less alone.
I understood that he was offering me a night's shelter at the farm, and without answering I turned into the gate at his side, and followed him to the barn, where I helped him to unharness and bed down the tired horse.
So Olivia decided to bed down for the night with her pals.
A 70km/h speed restriction is in place to protect the safety of workers as well as the new road surface which requires time to bed down.
The car park remained closed for much of the time - as I understood it to allow the sand to bed down - and ticket machines were put up, but when it is open very little use is made of it.
As they bed down later, the mood within camp is strained and arguments begin.
Only persons who were clearly bedded down or about to bed down at the time of the count were included.
Near Ramadi, four strikes struck three separate large ISIL tactical units and destroyed three ISIL bed down locations, two ISIL light machine guns, two ISIL heavy machine guns, an ISIL recoilless rifle, four ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL tactical vehicle, three ISIL buildings, four ISIL vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED), an ISIL VBIED factory, an ISIL staging area, an ISIL compound, an ISIL resupply location, two ISIL command and control nodes and denied ISIL access to terrain, the statement said.
YOUR little ones can bed down in style thanks to Lidl.
Normally, a family of four can bed down for an average of PS44 - or PS6.
To the great amusement of viewers, a BBC team sternly warned drivers in Somerset not to travel unless it was absolutely necessary - then got stranded in the snow and had to bed down in a farmhouse nearby.
The eager little buck chased this doe in heat all over the woods for about a half hour, until the doe decided to bed down 15 yards downwind of me.