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But Also (1965-1970) March 31: Going for a Song (1965-1977) April 13: The Bed-Sit Girl (1965-1966) July 7: Tomorrow's World (1965-2003) July 22: Till Death Us Do Part (1965-1975) October 17: Call My Bluff (1965-1988, 1994, 1996-2005) October 18: The Magic Roundabout (1965-1977) September 30: Thunderbirds (1965-1966) December 13: Jackanory (1965-1996, 2006-) Not Only.
Suspect kicked open door, entered and went through to ground-floor bed-sit and kicked this through, causing damage.
FIREFIGHTERS battered down a door and saved a tenant after a bed-sit blaze in Newcastle.
Re-live those seedy bed-sit days with landlord Rigsby, the object of his unrequited affections, Miss Jones, medical student Alan and town-planner Philip.
Director of advocacy Mike Allen said a third of tenants living in a traditional bed-sit, often with no kitchen facilities, are unemployed.
They moved into a bed-sit on Upper Parliament Street, and one rainy evening, John was gazing into the flames in the fire-grate when he suddenly said, 'If I died, would you miss me?
He is going to end up living in a bed-sit in Cricklewood in North West London drinking himself to death.
Hang on, isn't this the bloke who made a career out of transcribing every boo and, indeed, hoo of his tortured young love life into the cannon of bed-sit misery that is The Smiths classic back catalogue?
As a youngster emerging into the kitchen, paupers' cooking was my style, bed-sit cuisine my speciality.
Miss Whitear was found in a crouched position on the floor of her bed-sit, holding a capped syringe in her hand.
In March '99 I was in my second bed-sit, and had found it impossible to get work for six months.
Other highlights included: Victor's gangster rap/food order, Shell's nude gardening, her fine water feature, early morning Wurzels, Ahmed-mania, the bed-sit and Evil Big Brother in general.