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Noun1.bedding material - material used to provide a bed for animalsbedding material - material used to provide a bed for animals
material, stuff - the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
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Macklin indicates that strong biosecurity measures take many forms: isolating the birds from other animals; minimizing access to people and unsanitized equipment; keeping the area around the poultry buildings clean and uninviting to wild birds; sanitizing the facility between flocks; cleaning equipment entering and leaving the farm; having an all-in, all-out policy regarding the placement and removal of the birds; and disposing properly of bedding material and any mortalities.
They don't build nests either, so they don't bring bedding material into the roost.
The portable pipe padding attachments will screen and crush existing right-of-way material back into the pipeline trench, eliminating the need to haul in bedding material.
Sand is a good inert bedding material, which minimises all bacterial growth.
Prior to bidding the project, Carstensen Contracting searched for a screener crusher bucket that would work in the rocky terrain and allow them to reuse the material on site, thus allowing them to underbid other contractors who would have had to haul in bedding material.
Badgers have litters of up to five young and keep the family 'home' scrupulously clean, changing bedding material on a regular basis and cleaning out toilet areas.
t Bats do not build nests and do not bring bedding material into the property r.
Summary: DUBAI - Emirates Fiber Industries, a subsidiary of bedding material manufacturer Safetex Group, plans to explore new markets in Africa to expand its business following the launch of UAE's first polyester staple fibre plant in Ras Al Khaimah.
UAE-based bedding material manufacturer Safetex Group, which produces polyester fibre used in bedding products and home furnishings, has announced the launch of its $10m Emirates Fibre plant.
Emirates Fibre, a subsidiary of bedding material manufacturer Safetex Group, expects to increase production to 1,500 tonnes a month by June, said Muhammad Saleem Ahmad, chairman chief executive of the group.
The KMC 6400 litter windrower forms windrows for composting bedding material in poultry houses, inverts the windrows, and spreads the bedding material for the next flock.
However, there is less new information on the use of these compounds both as supplement in the broilers diet and into bedding material.