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Confined to bed; bedridden.


an archaic word for bedridden


(ˈbɛdˌfæst, -ˌfɑst)

adj. Chiefly Midland and Western U.S.
confined to bed; bedridden.
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Adj.1.bedfast - confined to bed (by illness)bedfast - confined to bed (by illness)  
ill, sick - affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function; "ill from the monotony of his suffering"


a. recluido-a en cama.
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She was ill for six months, bedfast for about five weeks.
Any equipment that is capable of providing comfort for a person who is bedfast due to excess weight or other physical ailments may mean the difference between staying at home or having to be transported to a care facility.
Lessons learned in the classroom included anatomy, physiology, general nursing and hygienic housekeeping, while practical lessons in giving enemas and bed baths were essential in days when most patients were bedfast.
The Acuindex in OSCAR was used as a case mix measure at the facility level; this is based on resident mobility and nursing factors such as the proportion of residents who are bedfast, require assistance with ambulation or transfers, or receive suctioning or intravenous therapy.
There was huge affection in the way he spoke of his father, bedfast, short of money and almost blind but with a fund of stories for his little boy.
She lived two more years and over that time had a gradual decline in her functional status and memory, eventually becoming bedfast and requiring nursing home care before she died.
Initially the patient is unwell and bedfast, being nursed in side lying with a pillow between his legs to prevent internal rotation and adduction of the affected leg when this is uppermost.
He requires opioid analgesia, laxatives and antiemetics and over the course of the illness loses weight and becomes weaker and bedfast.
She was extremely weak, bedfast, had trouble concentrating and was seriously depressed.
The ADL index is calculated by adding proportions of residents dependent on eating, toileting, transferring, bedfast, chair bound, and ambulatory within the facility.
Residents determined to be bedfast on the most recent assessment.
9% FIGURE 5b Facilities that improved care Non-Alliance Peers Alliance Bedfast 24% 29% 35.