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n. Archaic
A mentally ill person.


archaic a lunatic; insane person


(ˈbɛd ləˌmaɪt)

an insane person; lunatic.


a mental patient.
See also: Insanity
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Noun1.bedlamite - an archaic term for a lunaticbedlamite - an archaic term for a lunatic  
lunatic, madman, maniac - an insane person
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Whether knave, fool, or Bedlamite, it is intolerable that the fellow should go at large.
It isn't my fault that they are associated with nothing better at the decisive moment than the banal splendours of a gilded cafe and the bedlamite yells of carnival in the street.
Left to herself, Saxon worked with frantic haste, assuming the calm she did not possess, but which she must impart to the screaming bedlamite upon the floor.
returned Dick, 'instead of flying out of the house like a Bedlamite ?
In this way, the savage chivalry of the village to the number of five hundred, poured forth, helter-skelter, riding and running, with hideous yells and war-whoops, like so many bedlamites or demoniacs let loose.
The Bedlamites and the Helldamites were twin slave organizations, while a new religious sect that did not flourish long was called The Wrath of God.
But I have sometimes frequented the gaming-houses just to watch the on-goings of those mad votaries of chance - a very interesting study, I assure you, Helen, and sometimes very diverting: I've had many a laugh at the boobies and bedlamites.
Edgar has been identified with the Christian pilgrim, with Everyman in a morality play, with the hero of "pastoral romance," with the Lucianesque Cynic, with the "prodigal son," and, of course, with the popular Jacobean figure of the Bedlamite.
For example, Crane's suicide, following close on the heels of the leap made by the bedlamite in The Bridge, represents one kind of death that haunted queer writers and queer writing of this period.