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Noun1.bedrest - confinement to bed continuously (as in the case of some sick or injured persons)bedrest - confinement to bed continuously (as in the case of some sick or injured persons)
repose, rest, ease, relaxation - freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility); "took his repose by the swimming pool"
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Along with providing plenty of comfort for the college dorm room, a bedrest can also add a lot to dorm room decor.
Types of Inappropriate Referrals Bedrest Medically unstable Sedatives/paralytics Tests pending Dependent prior to admission Discharged back to skilled or extended care setting within 24 hours Agitation Other TABLE 3.
The strength of this study is that we report observations from a large number of mobility activities, including walking, for patients who might be restricted to bedrest in some ICU settings.
She was taken off the course and spent the next 16 days at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, then flew to Red Deer to stay with her family on bedrest.
Forced bedrest during a pregnancy made her reconsider her life's work.
2001) (Plaintiff was assigned work projects during prescribed pregnancy bedrest and, upon her return from maternity leave, found her job responsibilities drastically diminished, especially her involvement in upper-level board meetings and discussions.
She's now on bedrest and forbidden to work until she has recovered completely.
Treatment often involved prolonged bedrest (followed by similarly prolonged rehabilitation) and a focus on the management of arrhythmia with some controversy around the benefit of anticoagulation.
Ambulation after sheath removal: A comparision of 6 and 8 hours of bedrest after sheath removal in patients following a PTCA procedure.
They were required to stop working when their pregnancies became obvious, were "put to sleep" during labor, and were kept on bedrest for days after delivery.