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Noun1.bedroom set - a suite of furniture for the bedroombedroom set - a suite of furniture for the bedroom
suite - a matching set of furniture
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And to-morrow night I want you to run up with me to Salinger's an' pick out a good bedroom set an' carpet for that room.
There was more agony and another paper for Elzbieta to sign, and then one night when Jurgis came home, he was told the breathless tidings that the furniture had arrived and was safely stowed in the house: a parlor set of four pieces, a bedroom set of three pieces, a dining room table and four chairs, a toilet set with beautiful pink roses painted all over it, an assortment of crockery, also with pink roses--and so on.
Expertly crafted with curved moldings, flourishes and lathe-turned legs, the Avery Bedroom set is as versatile and chic and is available in two comforting colours of brushed fog, and matte white.
It's the perfect time to pick up that new bedroom set or living room sofa," organisers said.
WHEN Robert and Sadie Forbes from Saltburn married in 1952, they splashed out on a bedroom set from Barker and Stonehouse for their first home together.
Our Gavino collection, including the bedroom set is displayed in one of Bahrain's service apartments," said Koh.
Furniture, carpet, and bedroom set shops saw an increase in customers, with most choosing suitable furniture for their new homes.
2XL brings inspired elegance to your homes with its brand-new, luxurious bedroom set and matching living-room set, the Crackle Bedroom and Crackle Living Room Set, named after the delicate "crackle" effect that accentuates the vintage look and feel of the ivory white furniture pieces that are beautifully upholstered with Parisian print.
Alternatively, if you're feeling flush, spoil yourself with Barker and Stonehouse's Lyddington bedroom set, consisting of a hand-cast bed, wardrobe and bedside table made from reclaimed wood its perfect for providing some rustic, seasonal charm.
The BoxSet Dollhouse includes two bendable dolls; a bedroom set with bed, piano and piano stool; staircase; and balcony.
Reda Folaw and Marzooq Johar were the bumper prize winners who took home a grand Zante bedroom set, Zante 5-door wardrobe, Zante mattress, pillow and bed flat sheet and a 37inch Videocon LCD screen.
Price range: $250 for a small table to $2,800 for a bedroom set with bookcase headboard and under-bed storage.