beef burrito

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Noun1.beef burrito - a burrito with a beef fillingbeef burrito - a burrito with a beef filling  
burrito - a flour tortilla folded around a filling
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One thing we did notice was that the two different burritos seemed to come with different sauces, with the slightly sweeter sauce in the beef burrito coming out the favourite.
If you love a ground beef Burrito or a Masala Dosa, combine them with functional foods such as a vegetable salad, as vegetables act like a sponge and prevent increase of cholesterol in the blood.
This authentic range has been aligned to street food favourites and includes a Mexican beef burrito, creamy Indian raita and spicy Spanish patatas bravas.
In addition, Helen's Kitchen single-serving burritos--especially their Vegetarian Ground Beef Burrito with Veggies--are delicious and are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.
Add freshly grated beets to a black bean and beef burrito.
You can sit inside, but it's more fun to order and eat the famous gigantic beef burrito outside.
I had a New York Melt, cheese and steak with ciabatta sandwich, while my friend, Bambo, had a beef burrito with salad.
We decided to try one of the specials, a combination of fried tilapia, chicken and jack cheese quesadilla and beef burrito ($17), which came with French fries and spicy slaw.
Compare these: A Taco Bell Big Beef Burrito Supreme has 440 calories and 18 grams of fat, but the Fresco Style Chicken Burrito Supreme has 350 calories and 8 grams of fat.
The Beef Burrito at Burrito Amigos barely edged out the Boy Burrito at Burrito Boy for first place.
Rai, an allegedly devout Hindu, ordered a bean burrito and was instead handed a beef burrito.
My boyfriend opted for the beef burrito, topped with sour cream, guacamole and sour cream and served with spicy fries.