beef stew

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Noun1.beef stew - a stew made with beefbeef stew - a stew made with beef    
stew - food prepared by stewing especially meat or fish with vegetables
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We were at our supper of beef stew and dried apples when he trotted in as if on the heels of a dog team, and made one of the mess at our table.
5 hours Preparation time: 10 mins INGREDIENTS Kerrygold Block Butter for frying 750g (1lb, 10oz) stewing beef cut into chunks 1 heaped tbsp flour 8 shallots, peeled 400g (12oz) baby carrots, scrubbed clean 2 leeks, cut into large chunks and washed 2 cloves garlic, crushed 100g (4oz) pancetta or streaky bacon, cut into strips 1 glass of red wine 425ml (1pint) beef stock 2 bay leaves 2 oregano sprigs, leaves stripped or 2 tsp dried oregano 700g (1lb) floury potatoes, sliced 25g (1oz) butter 50g (2oz) grated parmesan METHOD BEEF STEW 1 Pre-heat oven to 160degC, gas mark 3.
I knew they'd like the meatballs, the chicken strips and the more traditional beef stew, but, Benjamin especially, tucked into the rice with pork and chicken and tried the chorizo.
For breakfast she makes a tray of dairy-free chai muffins, while there's a low-key lunch of Asianflavoured short ribs - a perfect make-ahead, tender beef stew.
Beef Burgundy Stew Prep time: 25 minutes Cook time: 8 hours Servings: 8 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 2 pounds cubed beef stew meat 3 large carrots, peeled and chopped 1 bag (10 ounces) pearl onions, trimmed 1 can (8 ounces) sliced mushrooms, drained 3 garlic cloves, minced 1 cup prepared Orrington Farms Low Sodium Beef Broth Base & Seasoning 1/2 cup dry red wine 1/4 cup tomato paste 1 pouch Orrington Farms Slow Cookers Vegetable Beef Stew Seasoning hot cooked egg noodles (optional)
To this end she has developed recipes that are both foolproof and streamlined so that cooks can produce winning results with relatively little effort--and this family-oriented cookbook thus includes many comfort items, from a Beef Stew with Winter Root Vegetables to Shepherd's Pie and various casseroles.
10 & 11 Hearty beef stew, Turkey with pesto and roasted veg
My favorite dish is an oldie but goodie -- beef stew.
She eats sushi, her favourite, and whatever she likes - beef stew, spaghetti, sashimi every day, the Japan Times reported.
I cooked a beef stew, sauted mushrooms, fish and chips, mussels, chutney, ribs and even ice cream with fruit beers.
I point at the wolf skin on the wall while we wash down an organic beef stew with Shumensko beer.
Stage 2 range from 7 months old: Beef Stew, Chicken Casserole and Vegetable Bake.